Evan & Dana bio

What do you get when you cross the best singer/songwriter/guitarist in the Carolinas with a funky upright bass playing transplant from South Florida? Well, besides a run-on sentence, you get Evan & Dana. Together they create some of the best quasi-acoustic music you've ever heard. They play it all, from the Stray Cats to the Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd to Lionel Ritchie and everything in between. Evan & Dana even do some great original music too. So check the calendar, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to have the night of your life!

Evan Olson bio:

Evan Olson is a natural born songwriter. He simply loves the creative process of making music. He'll step into his studio and immerse himself in what he calls his "imaginary realm," in which he seamlessly blends musical styles with panache. His base? Greensboro, N.C. a city of 200,000 known more for its integral role in the Revolutionary War and Civil Rights movement than its brush with musical creativity. But this comfortable pocket of the progressive South is where Evan finds his inspiration and pushes the very boundaries of his art. As the son of a U.S. Army officer, Evan spent the first 12 years of his life moving from base to base, eventually settling in North Carolina after his father retired. It was a place where Evan fell asleep listening to tunes spilling from the rooms of his older sister and two older brothers: The Police, James Taylor, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple and The Sex Pistols. His siblings' musical menagerie pointed Evan toward his own creative journey. Along the way he mastered six instruments, fronted one of North Carolina's most popular bands, learned the intangible art of songwriting and got signed to the world's largest record label as a solo artist. Now, Evan has come full circle. Catch him live and he's a magnetic frontman who can play one mean guitar. He's performed with Ben Folds and Mark Kano, two other talented North Carolina musicians, and toured the East Coast with Bus Stop, one of North Carolina's most popular bands in the 1990s. Bus Stop won a national talent contest organized by Dick Clark, scored two music publishing deals and took first place in several readers' choice polls in North Carolina. But for the past eight years, Evan's real prowess has been his songwriting. He can pen tunes that effortlessly swing from romantic pop and rock to funk, dance and hip-hop. And he's done it all from his own home studio, playing every instrument and writing every lyric to capture the music he hears in his head. His talent hasn't gone unnoticed. In 1999, Universal Records signed him on the strength of just one song and released One Room, a recording he produced in his own bedroom. Since 1999, he has recorded five solo CDs for LoveCat Music and has heard his music played on TV shows high on the country's pop-culture radar.

Dana Bearror bio:

Hailing from Winston-Salem, NC, Dana Bearror was born and raised in Plantation, FL, about 20 miles north of Miami. He began studying the
violin at age 8, played clarinet and percussion in Concert band throughout middle school and picked up the guitar and bass at age 12. Dana entered Dillard School of Performing Arts in 1989 and discovered his love for the upright bass. He was accepted to the University of Miami School of Music in 1991 and performed with some of the world's best jazz and symphonic ensembles. Since graduating in 1995, Dana has performed, toured and recorded extensively with numerous artists including : Jerry Vale, Ira Sullivan, Bruce Hornsby, Red Rodney, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Joe Piscopo, "Big Mama Blue" and Bricqmen.

Dana relocated to Winston-Salem in 2004 and has a teaching schedule that includes over 30 private students on bass, piano, guitar and violin. In 2006, Dana joined forces with Evan Olson and they have been making unstoppable music ever since.