Client Testimonials

"Y’all were absolutely fantastic and we loved having you. It was so much fun and your music was awesome! Thanks again!!" Elizabeth P. (engagement party, 6/23/2018) 

"You guys are the best.  We enjoyed every minute of your music. Thank YOU!" Maria B.  (private party, 4/21/2018) 

"Everyone was just raving about you guys - just great stuff.  We absolutely look forward to working with you again." Lynne A. (private party, 12/1/2017) 

"Thank you very much for playing for our party last night.  Your music was exactly what I had hoped and everyone seemed to have a great time. I know I did.  Thanks again." Ann S. (private party, 11/4/2017) 

"It was excellent!! Hope to enjoy your performance again soon" Ethan W. (wedding, 10/28/2017)

"You were great. I love Gerry Rafferty and your version of Right Down the Line was perfect! And so appropriate. Best to you." Leslie M. (wedding, 10/21/2017)

"you had an amazing performance and were very well received by the store patrons." Vivian B. (in store performance, 9/14/2017)

"You guys were absolutely wonderful !  We loved you both .  Everyone loved you both!  You guys were a perfect choice. Thank you so very much" Alice S. (rehearsal dinner, 9/1/2017) 

"We had so much fun and enjoyed you to the fullest!  Thank you for working so seamlessly with us.  We will always remember you and I’m sure all of the club professionals in the room that night will be recommending you to others in the future!" Emily H. (wedding, 8/12/2017)

"We got tons of compliments on you guys for the wedding. Many people said it was the best wedding they have been to and it could not have gone down without you guys. Thanks again. Cheers." (wedding, 6/16/2017)

"You guys are the best!  Hope to see you soon and will always keep you in mind for any event that needs music!!!  Great job Tuesday night!" Tom W.  (private party, 3/28/2017) 

"Thank you for everything!  You all are always great and Tuesday was no exception. They were really happy. Thank you" Beth B. (private party, 3/28/2017) 

"We can't thank you both enough for being a huge part of our wedding-  You guys were PHENOMENAL- one of the best bands we have EVER heard.  Everyone (both old and young) keeps raving about how amazing the music was and how unique it made the ceremony and reception- some even said ours was the best wedding they have ever been to because of the great live music! Having a smaller wedding, we figured most people wouldn't dance, but we sure were wrong.  You guys know how to get people out on the dance floor and keep them partying! There was not one song we did not enjoy...everyone had so much fun the whole night.  Several people have asked for your info over the past couple of days and we have happily given it to them.  You and Evan truly put our wedding over the top. You guys are at the top of our list next time we need live music! 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Brooke and Michael R. (wedding, 3/11/2017)

"Thank you! Everyone was talking about how great the music was." Jan W. (private party, 3/4/2017) 

"Thank you for coming and playing so beautifully!  Everyone did have a great time, and they especially loved the music!  I am very excited to try to plan another event soon, so we can have you back again.  I have also been listening to my CD, now my new favorite.  Thank you for your professionalism and for sharing your talents! Looking forward to next time!"  Jill B. (private party, 2/25/2017) 

"We had such a great time and you guys are awesome!" Peggy B. (private party, 2/24/2017) 

"Thank you! Y’all were terrific and we will definitely have y’all perform again. Everyone loved the music!" Andy S. (private party, 2/18/2017) 

"Many thanks for a fabulous job, as usual! We had a great time." Diane D. (private party, 1/28/2017) 

"Thanks for last Friday night! You two were fabulous. Music for everyone there." Maria and Brad B. (rehearsal dinner, 1/27/2017) 

"Thanks to both of you for spending the evening with us. The music was great and everyone had a good time!" Taylor R. (private party, 1/14/2017) 

"Thank you so much. It was a great time and as always you guys were great. Until next time" Jillian S. (wedding, 11/25/2016)

"Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome music Saturday!!!  You were great and i will be recommending you to everyone!!!  I want to have another party so I can have you guys play again!Jessica P. (wedding, 10/15/2016)

"You two were WONDERFUL! I have had numerous people say they took your card and have also given your info to a handful! Just loved it! You all knocked it out of park! Just perfect! Thanks!" Ashley W. (wedding, 9/30/2016)

"Thank YOU for providing the soundtrack to our special night! Everyone remarked on how much they loved y'all, and we had so much fun!! Thanks again for being a part of it." Amy and Lee M. (wedding, 6/18/2016)

"You guys were awesome! Thank you." Elizabeth H. (coordinator for wedding, 6/4/2016)

"Everyone was raving about what an amazing job you all did at the cocktail hour. Thank you for learning the Brett Dennen song for us. You made the ceremony extra special. We cannot thank you enough. We will be sure to recommend you all to everyone we know. Nick & Robyn R. (wedding, 5/29/2016)

"Thank y'all so much for playing! Y'all were great and I could tell all of our guests enjoyed it! We will be sure to pass your name on to others!" Ashley L. (wedding, 5/14/2016)

"Wow is all I can say about working with this amazing duo the other night at Events! On Front... They played it all from mellow jazzy dinner music to PANTS ON THE GROUND...yes, I said that right, haha! I found myself watching them play a few times forgetting I was a wedding photographer...they were that good!" (wedding, 4/23/2016)

"Thanks to you and Evan. Everyone enjoyed your music. We’ll definitely be in touch in the future!" P.C. R. (private party, 4/28/2016) 

"We did have a blast and also a stream of compliments from everyone on how great you guys were. Thanks again" Ryan B.  (wedding, 4/23/2016)

"We had Evan & Dana perform for our semi-annual Market Party. Everyone had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed the evening....They're Great!!!" (furniture market party, 4/18/2016) 

"Thank you so much for your great entertainment last night. We have received so many compliments on your performance." Kim B. (private party, 4/12/2016) 

"As always, your music and performance made the party! Best!" Andrea P. (private party, 2/20/2016) 

"I wanted to thank you again for entertaining our group at our 1st Anniversary Celebration. Your choice of songs was perfect for our group and everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performance! Thank you again for a fabulous job!" Kelli N. (social group anniversary party, 1/31/2016) 

"Y'all were awesome! Thx" Katie D. (private party, 2/13/2016) 

"Thank you!  You guys are awesome!!!" Bonnie W. (party, 2/5/2016) 

"Thanks so very much for a fantastic evening. I have been reading the responses throughout the day on our event page, and you and Evan are receiving stellar reviews!!!! You already had many fans in the group,and created more among those that had not seen you before. We definitely will be in touch in the future. Thanks again for a fantastic First Anniversary!" Debbie K. (social group anniversary party, 1/31/2016) 

"Thank you both!  Everyone really enjoyed you both.  We will definitely keep u in mind for future events." Ashley S. (private party, 11/6/2015) 

"Hey guys, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how pleased we were with the music at my daughters wedding reception. It was really great!  The acoustical set at dinner was just right and it was just a wonderful night.  A lot of guests were complimenting you guys as well. We will for sure look to use you in the future and will highly recommend you guys to others. Thanks again." Scott P. (wedding, 10/17/2015)

"Thanks for coming! You guys were awesome, as always. We look forward to working with you in the future." Emily T. (private party, 9/29/2015)  

"Huge thanks! Just wanted to thank you for making my party so fun! I knew the right music was going to make all the difference and you did not disappoint! Lots of guests were commenting on how great you are. I will definitely recommend you to friends. Thanks again" Anna D. (birthday party, 9/25/2015) 

"We had SO MUCH FUN with you guys at the wedding, you guys really kicked up the party and got people going.  Many people said how great y’all were and asked us who the band was.  Y’all played everything we liked and had a good blend of softer music during dinner and slower times and then really got going for dance party time, job well done!!!! Again, thanks so much for the fun time." Shannon M. (wedding, 7/25/2015)

"Ya'll were great! We were thrilled! Thanks for the perfect evening!" Laura R. (wedding rehearsal dinner party, 7/17/2015) 

"Thank you so much! We really enjoyed having you. You were awesome to just keep playing through the rain. Thanks again!" Teresa K. (festival, 6/20/2015)

"You guys were great. I had many comments of how much everyone loved the music. Thanks so much for such a great night!!!" Lynn B. (wedding, 6/13/2015)

"Thanks so much, everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the music.  We will definitely call on you for future needs. Thanks so much." Houston C. (wedding, 6/6/2015)

"We can't thank you guys enough for your fabulous performance for our wedding.  I agree that everyone have a great time. Again, many thanks for helping us create some really awesome memories" Ronni and Rick (wedding, 5/23/2015)

"Thank you for coming over, you guys did an amazing job and I hope you will be available for our next function."  Kris A. (private party, 5/16/2015)  

"Thank y’all so very much!  We thoroughly enjoyed it and I will be in touch with you again soon about next year!" Ryan R. (private party, 5/15/2015)  

"You guys were a HIT! Thanks again." Joe W. (private party, 5/1/2015)  

"Thank you for a making this a great time Saturday night for us. Everyone told us how awesome of a band you guys were. I gave out your contact info to numerous guests." Allan W. (wedding, 1/31/2015)

"You guys were great! Everyone raved!" Jennifer R. (corporate events, 1/10/2015 and 1/17/2015)  

"Great job Friday. We've had more e-mails and calls concerning you guys, and how awesome it was having you play at our party."  David K.  (private party, 12/12/2014)  

"Yesterday was beautiful and the music was fantastic! You guys are so talented!" Angie Z. (wedding ceremony, 11/15/2014)

"You guys were great. We got so many compliments on the band. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great live duo!"  Sean D. (rehearsal dinner, 10/31/2014)

"You guys were great....everyone raved about your performance!! You made our event so special, and so much fun!!" Vicki D. (rehearsal dinner, 10/31/2014)

"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful energy and music at the wedding. You guys were great. I have received many compliments and inquires concerning the music.  Thank you for doing such a good job!" Karen W. (wedding, 10/25/2014)

"hey Guys, amazing.... that was what you fellows were at wedding!!!!! everyone was talking about ya'll!!!! Everyone had such a great time thanks to you all!!!! again, thank you so very much for making our wedding so much fun and cool" Vicki R. (wedding, 9/20/2014)

"Thanks guys, as always. Great show!" Dabney S. "Thanks for a great performance!" Laura L. (special event/fundraiser, 9/6/2014)

"Thanks for being there.  It was a great.  We had so many positive comments that we lost track.  Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks again." Fulton W. (wedding rehearsal dinner, 7/18/2014)

"You guys did an amazing job and we are so grateful!" Allison P.  (fundraiser, 7/13/2014)

"Thank you, everything was great! We got lots of great feedback about the music. Thanks for making our party a success!"  Marcia T. (private party, 7/4/2014)  

"We all enjoyed your music so much. Thanks for making the celebration more fun. We will look forward to hearing and seeing you two again soon!" Amy E. (private party, 6/28/2014) 

"You guys were unbelievable!!!!! Everyone keeps talking about how amazing you guys were!  :) Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!"  Michelle G. (wedding, 6/7/2014)

"Ok, so I have to give these two fellas a huge shout out! One of the BEST… ok, the BEST cover band I have heard to date. Evan and Dana played everything from Frank Sinatra to Blue Grass to to Hip Hop (Nelly, Sir Mix-A-lot, Rob Base) to dance music (Cotton-Eyed Joe, LMFAO) to Modern Rock. And there were only 2 of them! We were impressed at their ability to keep the dance floor hopping as well as interact with the crowd. They gave us all many laughs, especially during the garter toss." (wedding, 6/7/2014)

"Thank you SO much for a fantastic job on Friday evening! Everyone has been talking about how much they enjoyed the band! We are already looking forward to having you back next year."  (private party (prom), 5/23/2014)

"As always, everyone loved you guys! Thanks!" Amy G. (private party, 5/19/2014)

"I wanted to thank you all so much for playing for our party Saturday night. You all were great! We had so many comments about how wonderful you were and perfect for our party. We loved it!" Meg G. (private party, 5/17/2014)

"You guys were excellent! Loved it." Ethan W. (private party, 4/26/2014)

"Thank you so much! The music was amazing! Everyone thought the ceremony music was great!  Thanks again." Megan G. (wedding ceremony, 4/12/2014)

"The music was fabulous! I've already had one of the young ladies at the wedding (who is probably going to get engaged in the near future) ask all about you. Also, just wanted to tell you that your music during the cocktail time Friday night set the tone for the entire evening.  I think it helped everyone understand that the evening was all about relaxing and having fun.  It was perfect!!!"  Cindy R. (wedding rehearsal dinner, 4/11/2014)

"We have been hearing nothing but compliments about y'all's playing at the wedding!!!  Thank you for making the party so fun! We loved every song you played-dances were really special! Our families and friends absolutely had such a great time!! We had never seen Patrick's grandmother dancing like that! Again THANK YOU both! We will recommend y'all in a heartbeat and you made the day so special!" Kristin C. (wedding, 3/15/2014)

"Thanks so much!  The After Party was a lot of fun and you guys were great." Deanna M. (fundraiser/benefit, 2/21/2014 )

"We thought you were incredible. I heard a lot of the kids talking about how much they loved hearing you. Thanks so much for being there." Gail B. (private party, 11/29/2013)

"I want to thank you guys for playing at the rehearsal dinner.  You were great and everyone really enjoyed your music. All of the locals wanted to know how I found you! The entire weekend was great and thank you so much for being a part of it. Thanks again."
Pam B. (rehearsal dinner, 11/15/2013)

"Many thanks – we’ve had so many compliments on the music!" Kim B. (fundraiser, 10/12/2013)

"Thank you were great...have had very positive feedback from people who were there." Don H. (private party, 10/12/2013)

"Thank you for the gift of your music! All of our guests could not stop talking about your music. You both have a gift and we were blessed to experience it on our special day!" Kelly & Craig R. (wedding, 9/21/2013)

"Thank You! The whole weekend started out with a bang thanks to the both of you. Loved the unplugged set." Rodger K. (rehearsal dinner, 9/13/2013)

"Thank you so much!  Everyone just raved about your performance and my family was very impressed." Stephanie O. (wedding, 9/7/2013)

"Everyone has told me how great you guys were!!!   You were definitely a hit and I really appreciate you making the drive here.
Next time we have any kind of event I will definitely be calling you. Thanks again" Cara W. (birthday party, 7/27/2013)

"Thanks so much! Everyone really enjoyed you guys. Thanks again for making our day so special!" Ashleigh D. (wedding, 7/19/2013)

"EVERYONE had a blast. We've gotten nothing but compliments about how great you all were and how much fun everyone had at the cookout. Thank you so much for putting on a great show. The weekend was a total blast and you helped to kick it off!" Matt B. (private party, 7/18/2013)

"You guys were great! And thanks so much for paying through the rain. We heard lots of people compliment the music. We had a ball!
Thanks again!!!!" Hope H. (wedding, 6/29/2013)

"Everyone loved your music. Most people commented that they liked you all better than the full band at the wedding reception due to the wide range of music you played." Gary S. (rehearsal dinner, 6/28/2013)

"You guys were great and everyone did have a fabulous time!  Thanks so much for keeping the party going." Kari D. (rehearsal dinner, 6/14/2013)

"Y'all were great. Thank you. So many people told me they enjoyed the music and how wonderful you are." Anne F. (anniversary party, 6/13/2013)

"Everyone loved you guys!!!  Thank you so much for making our wedding day everything we imagined - fun for everyone!  You guys are the best." Liz H. (wedding, 5/25/2013)

"We would like to thank you both for helping make our wedding reception at Westbend Vineyards so wonderful! Everyone enjoyed your music and Billy and I really enjoyed all of your personal touches! The music was fantastic and we so appreciate you being a part of our special day! We look forward to coming out to hear you play more! Thank you again SO much for your awesome talent!" Carrie M. (wedding, 4/27/2013)

"I can't thank you enough for making Friday night soooooo special! We all loved all your music, you both are so easy to work with and your ability to adapt to the power outage was fantastic!! Both of you are such fabulous musicians and I certainly hope if you ever need a reference you would have some one call me because I would give you a great one!! We look forward to hearing you guys play around town and would certainly book you again if we have another event. Thanks!!" Mary M. (private party-rehearsal dinner, 4/19/2013) 

"Thank YOU. We all had a BLAST!! You made the party!" Margie A. (private party, 4/12/2013) 

"We absolutely loved it! So so many people commented on you two! Everyone loved the music and several people asked that I send your info onto them... Of which I will. Thank you! You made the night! For a small wedding of which I didn't really think people would dance... I was proven very wrong... Thanks to you!" Amy B. (wedding, 3/23/2013)

"You guys were FANTASTIC! So much fun." Amy G. (special event, 3/1/2013)

"It was a great show.  The guests all raved about it. "How can two guys make all that sound?". "Jimmy G. (private party, 2/2/2013) 

"Everybody had a complete blast !  You guys were great as always." Tom W. (engagement party, 1/19/2013)

"Thanks so much! You did a great job. Everyone enjoyed the music." Carol M. (private party, 12/15/2012)

"As always, you guys were great and the crowd loved you! We’ll be in touch when we start planning our next event." Amy G. (private event, 12/14/2012)

"I worked a wedding with Evan and Dana last night at Graylyn International Conference Center and have to say they are the best and most energetic acoustic duo I've heard. Highly recommend them to anyone for any occasion." Hooman B. (wedding, 12/12/2012)

"You guys were amazing at my daughter's wedding on Sat. at the Gardens at Gray Gables. All the guests were commenting on the great music." Trish H. (wedding, 11/3/2012)

"Thanks so much. You guys are real pros for sure. Everyone loved the music." Randy M. (wedding, 11/3/2012)

"Thank you guys so much for doing a great job! We've had so many people compliment you all. Thanks so much for playing great dancing music for us!" Allyson W. (wedding, 10/20/2012)

"Y'all rock! Great music." Joan H. (private event, 10/15/2012)

"Thank YOU so much! We definitely enjoyed having you two there and got such great feedback about the music, it definitely provided a great atmosphere for the celebration! We really appreciated your being there, it really added to the event!" Pamela B. (special event fundraiser, 10/13/2012)

"Many thanks for the great music on Saturday.  We have had LOTS of compliments on you guys!" Kim B. (special event fundraiser, 10/6/2012)

"We had an amazing time and you guys rocked. You have two new fans!" Rich G. (wedding, 9/22/2012)

"Everyone here was just thrilled with your performance and songs.  Thanks for making it happen." Jeff G. (private party, 9/21/12) 

"As always-you did an outstanding job for us! Great show!" Molly B. (special event fundraiser, 9/15/2012)

"Just wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job at the cocktail hour Saturday night.  You guys are fantastic!" Jane H. (wedding, 8/4/2012)

"I thought your music was great!" Beverly W. (wedding, 6/30/2012)

"Thanks again for such a wonderful event! We had a blast and you guys were definitely the life of the party! Again, you guys were great! Thank you!" Amy G.(private party, 6/20/12) 

"Big time fun for everybody ! Thank you both. It was a great evening and we have received tons of compliments on the music." Tom W.(private party, 5/17/12) 

"Had a great time. Y'all were awesome. Everyone talked about wanting to get you to do an annual get together. Thanks again!" Laura H. (private party, 5/12/12)

"Just wanted to say thanks again for doing an absolutely fantastic job! Everyone that didn't already know about you guys were asking who you were and telling us how great you sounded." Tracy G. (wedding, 5/5/2012)

"We had so much fun Friday night. Ya'll were great. It was the perfect way to kick start our wedding weekend." Katherine F. (rehearsal dinner, 5/4/2012)

"We want to THANK YOU so much! You guys were amazing!!!! All our guests are still talking about you guys! Thanks a million!!!!" Aileen & Dominic (wedding, 4/21/2012)

"Thank you so much for a great night! Everyone had such an awesome time!" Anna N. (private party, 4/20/12)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing in our special day! You received so many compliments from our guests, and you were absolutely fantastic! We look forward to recommending you to anyone who is searching for a wedding band! Can't wait to hear you play again!" Anna M. (wedding, 12/31/2011)

"Thank You so much for the wonderful music yesterday at the wedding reception. We received so many compliments regarding the music and are so happy to have been able to book Evan and Dana for our event!" John and Renee D. (father and mother of the bride, wedding, 12/31/2011)

"What a great night we had at our daughter's wedding at Grandover! Your music was beautiful and added so much to the ceremony. You two added a touch of class to the wedding and we so appreciate your talents and professionalism." Chandra D. (wedding, 12/16/2011)

"Thank you both for playing such great music. Everyone said it was the best party that we had ever had. You guys are great!" Cindy D. (private party, 12/10/2011)

"THANK YOU, thank you, thank you! You guys were fantastic at the wedding (ceremony & reception).  Your energy, enthusiasm, & talent were evident to all in attendance and appreciated.  I have recommended you guys many times since the wedding." Heather V. (wedding, 11/26/2011)

"Thank you so very much. People are still talking about how much they enjoyed the band. Thank you for being a part of our special day!"  Jennifer R. (wedding, 11/11/2011)

"You guys were great!" Barry W. (private party, 11/12/2011)

"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the band. You sounded great, and did a very nice job with the audience. Everybody loved the music. Thanks for a very professional job." Randy M. (wedding, 10/1/2011)

"Thanks for putting on a great set for us. You really wrapped-up our event with a rockin' show with a nice mix. Hope we can work together again." Rob M. (Rotary Club party, 10/8/2011)

"Everyone really enjoyed the music!" Dabney P. (private party, 10/29/2011)

"I should be thanking you for making the evening so nice with your great music! Everyone did enjoy the music so much. Thanks for everything" Anne W. (reheasal dinner, 9/20/2011)

"Your performance at our wedding reception was just perfect. My kids (25, 24 and 22) really loved you, as did the older crowd (i.e., my contemporaries)." David P. (wedding,  9/17/2011)

"You guys rocked it!!!" Kyle S. (Taste Carolina Wine Festival, 9/17/2011)

"We had an absolutely wonderful time. You guys are quite talented and everyone had a blast!" Gerald S. (private party, 9/4/2011)

"I just wanted to thank you and Evan again for an absolutely outstanding performance and time. Everyone was talking about how wonderful you guys were. What a talent you two have and it's amazing how you run the spectrum with your music. Hope to have you here again." Ed K. (private party, 7/30/2011)

"You guys are AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to hear you guys play again. Thank you for making the party the best that it could be." Susan J. (private party, 7/30/2011)

"Thank you so much for doing such a great job at the wedding! Everyone loved you guys!" Ashley J. (wedding, 6/25/2011)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you playing  at my party!  It was fantastic and everyone is asking me where I found you guys.  It was very high energy and you guys made the party!! It was the best party the neighborhood has ever seen and it was mainly because of you guys!!" Jason B (private party, 6/11/2011)

"Everyone I talked to said how much they liked you guys. Thanks!" Lisa B. (private party, 7/20/2011)

"Everybody loved the music, you guys are awesome!!!. Thanks so much" Christen (wedding, 5/7/2011)

"Thanks for such a great job on your end. You guys really busted your tails for us and we appreciated it. Everyone was really amazed by your performance and they were extremely complimentary!" David and Lisa-Father/Mother of the Bride (wedding, 5/7/2011)

"I should be thanking YOU for performing at our wedding and being so cool about everything. I already knew that this would be true, but your musice really "made" the party, and we had a blast!
We've already had great feedback about you and will gladly pass your contact info to anyone that's interested. 
We all loved everything you played and you always tie everything together so well throughout the evening. It was almost too much fun!
Thank you again - it was an unforgettable night!" Taryn (wedding, 2/26/2010)

"You guys were AMAZING. Wow. I can't tell you how happy we were. I think you could tell how much fun everyone had. Thanks for making our reception "the best thing that ever happened to Spartanburg"." Alix (wedding, 2/19/2010) 

"how truly awesome you all were! Everyone thought you were the greatest. Friends are still emailing and telling us how fantastic you were!" Susy and Rodney (private party, 1/8/2011)

"A huge thank you for making our recent Business After Hours so enjoyable. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and tremendous talent. We had many comments (all favorable) regarding the music/entertainment and know that the music is a vital part of the evening." Paula S. (business event, 9/30/2010)

 "Everyone has commented how awesome the band was. That last sequence with "Bust a Move" was the best. One of my friends said she thought the floor was going to collapse! Thanks so much for making our wedding such a memorable day." Jill S. (wedding, 9/25/2010)

 "We had such an amazing time and received so many compliments on both you and Evan! Thanks again – we had a blast!!!" Holly S. (wedding, 8/28/2010) 

 "Thank you so much! You added just another level of fun! Hope to work with you again soon." Cecelia T. (special event, 9/11/2010)

"Let me add my gratitude for your performance...outside of getting Dave Matthews himself (and then I would have been competing for my wife's attention all night ;-)), we could not have picked a better group of musicians to perfect the ceremony and rock the reception! It certainly has been a pleasure...Bravo!!" Mike R. (wedding, 8/20/2010) 

"Thanks for an excellent performance. The guests were RAVING about you guys. I had to visit the vineyard early the next morning and you were all the buzz among the staff. Thanks for everything - you executed the ceremony perfectly! It was certainly a pleasure working with you! Tiffany R. (wedding, 8/20/2010) 

 "Whoa big-time! Y'all did an incredible job at Kanuga - just like you promised. You perfectly crafted an exceptional crescendo of music, ending with the terrific "I Saw Her Standing There." Everyone was dancing - you exceeded every hope and expectation that we had. Many many people have raved about your performance saying things like, "They sound like five guys playing!" and "They are gifted - they can play anything!" and "Those guys are loaded with personality." We agree! And we also loved how intuitive you were when you adlibbed music for the garter throw, the cake cutting and the father's toast. Such creativity. Thank you again and again for an exceptional evening. You made the party!" Ellen D. (wedding, 6/19/2010) 

"You guys were awesome! We had so many compliments from our guest about y'all. Thanks so much for playing and putting on such a great performance." Alex & Janet (wedding, 7/16/2010) 

"We are so glad that you played our wedding. We definitely made the right choice. You are so professional and fun. Everyone raved about the music. We loved everything about you and your music." Debby (wedding, 6/26/2010)

"You guys were GREAT!!! We will remember u 4 other events." Lynne G. (wedding, 6/12/2010)

 "We loved every minute of it.. thank u so much for being a part of it.. got rave reviews about you guys! thank you again for making our day special! we couldn't have had better music that described us as a new couple.. keep up the great talent!" Brooke F. (wedding, 5/22/2010) 

"Thank you both for everything! You were great - just what we wanted and it was perfect!! We've had lots of feedback about it being the best after party yet. We were so pleased and thank you again . Love your music!" Nancy W. (Wedding rehearsal dinner party, 5/14/10) 

"You guys were absolutely awesome! I’m so glad you all were my 1st & only choice of entertainment. I look forward to doing business with you in 2010." Denise P. (private party, 12/18/09) 

"You guys rock, as always. Thanks for the great show." Maggie W. (private party, 12/8/09) 

 "We couldn't be happier with your addition to our celebration. Your talents are amazing. It really did make for a great time for all." Colleen L. (wedding-mother of the bride, 10/31/09) 

"Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. You guys really set the tone for a fun night. Everyone had a blast, including the kids! Our guests raved about the music." Nora & Wes (wedding, 8/29/09) 

 "You guys were a hit. Thanks for a great show, Maggie W." (private party, 10/18/09) 

 "We thoroughly enjoyed your performance. You guys were fabulous!!! Melanie" (wedding, 10/11/09) 

"Thanks to you and Evan for a incredible evening! The reception was amazing! You kept the party going all night and we really appreciate you. To this day, our guests are STILL talking about what a great job you guys did. You guys rocked it, you made it fun and you kept people on the dance floor. We are so grateful to you for being a part of our wedding reception. Thanks so much! Steve and Michelle" (wedding, 9/26/09) 

 "Mary and I just wanted to thank you again for the performance Saturday. Everybody had a great time and I can't tell you how many compliments we had on the band. Thanks, Clay" (wedding, The Biltmore Estate, Asheville) 

 "thanks again... everyone had an awesome time and loved you guys as usual!" Frank A. (private party, 11/3/09) 

 "WAY GOOD!!! Good songs, great musicianship, even better voices. Wish I had a finger of your talent boy's!" "What great music! You had young and old out on the floor last night, GREAT JOB!! Thanks again, Fred and Julie" (wedding, The Biltmore Estate, Asheville-mother and father of the bride) 

"the wedding could not have been any better... You guys ROCKED! Everyone is still glowing on how good you guys were. You were the perfect band, which I am sure seemed obvious as the dance floor remained packed all night long! "You did a fantastic job! You guys made the night. Your variety & music choices were great. Rob M." Thanks again for learning all our songs and really being professional. We will recommend you for any event. All the best, Mike and Liz G." 

"Thank you so much for helping to make our graduation party such a wonderful memory for the graduates and their families! You guys were a huge hit! Linda H." "Thank you so much for playing at our reception! The music was wonderful and we had so many comments from our guests on how great you guys were. Heather & Steven" "Everyone really enjoyed it. Lot’s of positive comments. Thanks Brad S."(private party) 

"Thank you so much for playing at our wedding you were great. Thanks again for everything, Ryan & Ashley B."(wedding) 

 "It was a pleasure to have worked with you & Evan. You did an awesome job, and sounded really great in our room. Please know that I will certainly keep you at top of mind as I get referral requests for musicians." Leidra D.-Event Operations Manager (private party/wedding) 

"Thanks so much, we had a great time as well! You both did an awesome job with everything. The announcing and music was perfect. I got so many compliments from people on how great the band was. You guys did a great job keeping everyone dancing and the song choices were so much fun. Thanks again!, Theresa & Chris O" (wedding) 

 "I thought the show went great and I have received a lot of positive feedback today! Best, Tucker T" Alive After 5-Event Manager